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Wholesale biodegradable and compostable Green Eco-Friendly Products fo - Compostable Biodegradable Sustainable Packaging - biodegradable wholesale products - Biodegradable and compostable bagasse plates bowl trays cutlery clamshell boxes - Compostable bagasse tableware wholesaler plates sand dinnerware 19 southmont dr enola pa 17025

Making earth a better place to live by reducing the use of single-use plastics, which has caused untold damage to the environment and adversely impact human health. All Greenify products are 100% natural, compostable and biodegradable. At Greenify Tableware, we feel a very special love for the trees and everything green. We envision a future where mankind lives in harmony with nature and detaches from its now-strong bond with concrete and screens. We envision a future where our children can still, just like us, visit the jungle on occasion and enjoy swimming in clean rivers and oceans.

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